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Canyon Rim House


"What a spectacularly beautiful place on the Deschutes River! Spacious guest suite and hot tub were lovely; Robert was quite accommodating and helpful."

Liza, Boulder, CO

Our Circle of Friends

Robert will be your host, occasional chef, workshop leader and bioenergetics wellness coach.

Host, chef, coach, leader

Steph Rayburn

Breathwork, Yoga and Guided Meditation

Tammy Goen has been helping people heal and find more joy in their lives for over 25 years. She loves to help others to see things from a different viewpoint, to help them reach their own “Aha” moments and create shifts that will move them forward toward healthier, more joyful lives. Offering guidance through life and wellness coaching, CranioSacral Therapy and EFT (Tapping), she facilitates reduction in pain, stress and limiting thoughts and habits, and increase in self-awareness and overcoming obstacles to the lives people truly wish to live.

Life coach, CST, EFT

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